PrismaColor PencilsEdit

PrismaColor Pencils are pencils that, orignially made by Eagle Pencil Co. which then went to Berol Corp., then to Sanford Corp., and finally to PrismaColor. More colors have been being made and added, and these pencils are sold in 12, 24, 36, 64, and 132 count packages, and as of today, there are 132 different colors of them available for use.

Market PriceEdit

These Pencils are now at a market value of $1.49 USD each, and can be found in many locaions.


Originally there were 120 colors, but in 2005, PrismaColor created 12 more, the 2005 Line. And comes in a tin that contains the full 132 PrismaColor Set.

Code Color
903 True Blue
906 Copenhagen Blue
909 Grass Green
912 Apple Green
903 Lemon Yellow
916 Canary Yellow
918 Orange
921 Pale Vermillion
924 Crimson Red
926 Carmine Red
931 Dark Purple
932 Violet
933 Violet Blue
935 Black
937 Tuscan Red
938 White
939 Peach
943 Burnt Ochre
945 Sienna Brown
946 Dark Brown
947 Dark Umber
949 Metallic Silver
950 Metallic Gold
1061 Cool Grey 30%
1063 Cool Grey 50%
1067 Cool Grey 90%
1080 Beige Sienna
1081 Chestnut
1082 Chocolate
1083 Putty Beige
1084 Ginger Root
1085 Peach Beige
1086 Sky Blue Light
1087 Powder Blue
1088 Muted Turquoise
1089 Pale Sage
1090 Kelp Green
1091 Green Ochre

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