Four Berol-era Eagle Verithins. Orange 737, Green 739, Carmine Red 745, True Blue 758


Verithin is a brand of pencils made by PrismaColor. Available in 40 colors, Verithin Pencils are a wax-based colored pencil that are marketed as having a firmer / harder lead than standard Prismacolor pencils, and can be sharpened to a fine point with less crumbling. They are useful for making lines and fine details. They are hexagonal (six-sided). Despite being available in 40 colors, they don't seem to ever have been available in sets larger than 36; the four additional colors (Blue Violet; Non-Photo Blue; Magenta; and Red / Blue) must be purchased separately.

Verithin HistoryEdit

Before Prismacolor, they were previously known as Berol Verithin of Berol Pencil Co., and before that, known as "Eagle Verithin", manufactured by Eagle Pencil Co. For a long time the pencils were tipped with a red-banded metal ferrule, although this has been discontinued.

List of Verithin ColorsEdit

Code Color
734 White
734.5 Warm Grey 20%
735 Canary Yellow
735.5 Lemon Yellow
736 Spanish Orange
736.5 Pumpkin Orange
737 Orange
737.5 Aquamarine
738 Grass Green
738.5 Apple Green
739 Peacock Green
739.5 Olive Green
740 Ultramarine
740½ Peacock Blue
741 Indigo Blue
741.5 Light Cerulean Blue
742 Violet
742.5 Parma Violet
743 Deco Pink
743.5 Process Red
744 Poppy Red
745 Crimson Red
745.5 Terra Cotta
746 Dark Brown
746.5 Tuscan Red
747 Black

Cool Grey 70%

748 Red & Blue
750 Pale Vermilion
751 True Green
752 Dahlia Purple
753 Metallic Silver
754 Metallic Gold
755 Goldenrod
756 Dark Umber
757 Light Peach
758 True Blue
759 Magenta
760 Blue Violet
761.5 Non-Photo Blue

Older Verithin Colors (Pre-1980's)Edit

In Verithin pencils manufactured before the 1980's, some color names were different, although the colors themselves retain the same number codes:

Code Old Color Name
734 1/2 Light Grey
736 Yellow Ochre
736 1/2 Orange Ochre
737 1/2 Sea Green
738 1/2 Light Green
739 Green
740 1/2 Sky Blue / Non-Photo Blue
741 1/2 Azure Blue
742 1/2 Lavender
743 Pink
743 1/2 Rose
744 Scarlet Red
745 Carmine Red
746 Sienna Brown
747 1/2 Dark Grey
750 Vermillion
752 Purple
753 Silver
754 Gold
755 Golden Brown
756 Dark Brown
757 Flesh

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